I bought this old rack-mount chassis off ebay for a song (about a tenner to you and me) and started to think about setting up a server for general duties in the Ultimate Wired Home[TM] – you know sitting there doing nothing for days on end then serving up a couple of kb in old family pictures once in a blue moon.

Since it will almost certainly be sitting idle for long periods I thought I’d treat myself and go for a low-power MODT (mobile on desktop) system.

Motherboard – Gigabyte 8I945GMMFY-RH
CPU – Intel Core Duo T2500
RAM – 1GB (single channel)
HDD – 80GB (mobile 2.5″) SAMSUNG HM080HI drive (SATA 1 / 1.5Gbps)

I hoped that by choosing these components; 
A Mobile chipset – with all the power saving features that should give (~30W).
A Mobile T2500 CPU – the rated TDP is just 31W
Mobile 2.5″ Harddisk – should use less than 1W at idle (maybe 4W under use)
A ‘fairly’ decent PSU – >75% efficiency (according to the specs)
A single RAM module – Half the power of a dual-channel setup!! (Each DDR2 module is consumes about 2W)

To this heady mix I added a ICYDOCK 4-way disk carrier (another ebay bargain) and a Sil3114 4-port SATA PCI controller. I did some research and I guess that each hard drive will add about 8W to the mix.

Initially I toyed with Windows Home Server. I got hold of a trial verison with a resonable trial period and installed it on a spare PC but I found myself somehow underwhelmed. Maybe I’ve overspecified the server and I guess I’m not the sort of user they’re targetting with the WHS concept but I just thought that you could acheive the same with a NAS box – all the potential of having a computer server in the house and it wasn’t really used.

Eventually I went for CENTOS linux for the O/S it’s a mature distribution targeted at the server (rather than having all the stuff that comes with a desktop O/S) and it seems that the maintainers of the distribution put an emphasis on stablility and reliablity rather than early adoption.

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