MCP9350i: Upgrading the CPU

I wrote a description on adding and extra tuner to the MCP9350i box and as I was doing it I could see that the whole motherboard was mounted on a tray that could be easily slid out. I thought then that upgrading the CPU wouldn’t be as hard as I first thought so here goes.

I bought a Pentium-D 820 on ebay. I went for this because it’s a pretty lowly model so I guessed it would be more likely to work than something released more recently. Also Pentium-D CPUs still seem to command alot of money second hand – I didn’t want to buy something for 50 quid only to find that I’d watsed my money.

STEP 1: Remove the lid and riser assembly

A description of how to do this is in my previous post on adding a new tuner.

STEP 2: Slid out the motherboard tray

 They’ve made this easy all you need to do is undo two screws…

Then slide out the motherboard tray. There are a couple of things to be carefull about…P9100009
The power connector needs to be unscrewed since the cables connecting it to the PSU are very short
There is a fixed cable tie that fouls the heatsink assembly as you try to slide it back.

As well as the two points I highlight alot of connectors need to be undone so the tray can slide out fully.
Here’s a photo of the machine with the tray slid out just far enough to get access to the CPU and heatsink.


STEP 3: Remove the heatsink 

Here’s the same shot but with the heatsink assembly removed

Here’s the heatsink assembly removed from the case – considering it’s got to deal with nearly 100W (with a Pentium-D) it doesn’t seem all that impressive!


STEP 5: Replace the CPU

All the usual precuations apply – la la la – don’t blame me if you screw the whole thing up! I cleaned the heatsink (very carefully) and applied a liberal amount of arctic silver then put the new CPU in.


STEP 6: reassemble and boot

Sorry about the quality of this shot but as you can see it seems to work both in BIOS an in the VISTA the new PENTIUM-D is recognised and both cores are picked up!


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