Changing my mind going back to OpenSolaris

Changing my mind going back to OpenSolaris

Well after playing with a proper hypervisor based virtualised environment I’ve changed my mind (well it my perogative). My problems with ESXi were not that it isn’t totally awesome it’s just that it doesn’t suit my small home setup.

– I can’t have raw access to disks (which makes a disaster recovery more involved – ie I can’t whip out a disk and put it in anoter machine for example).
– I need to maintain a totally separate windows workstation or laptop to do the administration – my goal is to do away with looking after windows machine at home – I frankly can’t be arsed. But ESXi has no local-console all the administration requires a windows machine running Vclient.
– THEY FIXED VIRTUALBOX – My main reason to change from a hosted virtualised environment (virtualbox ontop of opensolaris) was that virtualbox sucked the sweat from a dead mans balls when running onto of opensolaris – it was so buggy that the setup would not run for more that 12/24hours without locking up the host completly. The new release of virtualbox 3.0.8 seems to have fixed that.

So now the setup is going to be a kind of Sun VDI on the cheap – A stable OpenSolaris host taking care of file and network services – running a virtual windows server in virtualbox so that people (i.e. everybody else in the house except for me) can have access to a windows desktop. Sunrays being the devices that people use to access their (virtual) desktop.


  1. joseph Said,

    February 12, 2015 @ 5:34 am


    tnx for info….

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    February 12, 2015 @ 6:11 am


    thank you!…