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iSCSI targets for windows 2003

I’m suffering with performance problems with the kernel based CIFS solution that OpenSolaris comes with – I can’t track it down but it just doesn’t work very well. Speeds are quicker copying from one XP to another XP machine is FASTER than downloading the same file from my home-server. Sod that!

SO……..partly because of that and partly because there’s a ‘e’ in the month I’m looking at playing with the magic of iSCSI – and it does seem like magic!

Given that my main machine to play with is a windows 2003 machine (which doesn’t have a free iscsi target)  – I had a look around for a free one…

X       Kernsafe ( free but limited to 1 connection and 1 LUN
X       iSCSI cake ( free but limited to 10 users and 15days
√       Starwind ( free limited to 2TB capacity some great features
√       MySAN ( free seems totally unlimited

So after extensive (read 5 minutes) research there seems to be two options – one thing I’d really like to do is to create iscsi targets based on virtual disk images ‘file based’ (rather than ‘disk based’ where a whole physical disk is made the target). Starwind will do that for definite but the docs for MySAN are more vague.

I’m going to give MySAN a go then possibly backtrack and go back to Starwind if the feature set on MySAN is too limited.

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