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Setting up VDI software on OpenSolaris & Solaris 11 Express

Although this is supposed to be impossible (according to this guy’s post) I’m game for a laugh!

Initially I just ran

$pfexec vda-install

and it all seemed to work.

So then I followed all the instructions for installing SRSS on an opensolaris machines.

When I ran $vda-config all seemed well until the configuring of SRWC – it just hung – looking at the log created it couldn’t find the files
this does exist on an opensolaris system with openssl package installed but it’s in the wrong place so quick and dirty fix was
pfexec ln -s /lib/ /usr/sfw/lib/
pfexec ln -s  /lib/ /usr/sfw/lib/

Great try again……but when I tried to start again the system had got it’s knickers in a twist and I could neither unconfigure or configure! Trying to uninstall gave a cryptic message about container service – in fact this indicates the need for something else – the cacao (common agent container something!).

$pfexec pkg install cacao

Now running $pfexec vda-config seems to work OK – at least it runs all the way to the end! I can even get access to http://sol:1800 to login to the vdi administration interface! Now then all I have to do is login as the root user and…..whoa opensolaris doesn’t have a root user only a root ROLE (WTF).

The solution is to follow this guide –

OK now I login to the VDI webadmin using root credentials and start to troll through the settings BUT I haven’t setup the desktop provider yet.

To check the system is running OK I ran through a few check to see if everything is running.
$cacaoadm status
$svcs svc:/application/management/common-agent-container-1:default
$cacaoadm status com.sun.vda..service_module
$svcs svc:/application/database/vdadb:sql
$/opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda-webadmin status

Reference information:
– This site has a great set of video walk-throughs for setting up VDI on Solaris –

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